SMART, Wilsonville, OR

Through collaborative effort, digital signage innovator Connectpoint® helps SMART fulfill real-time bus arrival tenets of their transit master plan for Wilsonville.

South Metro Area Regional Transit (SMART) is a transportation hub in Wilsonville, Oregon situated around the Interstate-5 between Portland and Salem with all routes serving the transit center SMART Central at Wilsonville Station. The city of Wilsonville, per their transit master plan, is committed to ensuring that transit services are provided in an equitable manner, and to that end SMART has integrated their first Connectpoint® solar-powered, ePaper display totem in SMART Central at Wilsonville Station.

Connectpoint’s suite of ePaper, solar-powered, real-time passenger information displays embody the messaging echoed in Wilsonville’s mission statement for transit – Equity, Access & Environmental Responsibility. E Ink ePaper displays have low-energy needs and provide crystal-clear readability any hour of the day or night. Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop® signs are easy to install, can be retrofitted to your existing bus stops or shelters and managed remotely via their content management system, CPAM™.

The smart, connected delivery of Digital Bus Stop® content via CPAM™ (Connectpoint Asset Management), an agnostic, content management system not only broadcasts real-time bus arrival and alerts but in a true Smart City environment the Digital Bus Stop can be converted into an emergency message system when the need arises.

“We are happy to deliver real-time passenger information that is available to everyone and easy for our riders to access,” said Transit Director, Dwight Brashear. “And with the flexibility of Connectpoint’s agnostic, content management system, CPAM™, we can remotely manage all our content on one platform.”

“SMART Central is well-connected to neighboring transit systems, and we are pleased to be an integral part of their overall sustainable, transit initiatives,” stated Rick Wood, CEO and President of CHK America and Connectpoint®. “We anticipate this partnership will improve customer experience and encourage the use of transportation among residents and visitors.”

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