Capital Metro, Austin, TX

Connectpoint equips Capital Metro facility with digital displays

For more than 15 years Connectpoint’s sister company CHK America, has partnered with Capital Metro in creating and updating its extensive bus network. Most recently, CHK America’s design and project management expertise assisted in Cap Metro’s largest service change in its history. CHK delivered a newly-designed passenger information system for approximately 1,600 bus stops. On the heels of this long-term relationship Capital Metro purchased a suite of Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® products furthering their commitment to improve customer service via equitable, real-time information displays.

A Connectpoint AC-powered, ePaper, 13” Digital Bus Stop, equipped with text to speech, is a key component of Cap Metro’s celebratory opening of the new Westgate Transit Center along with Connectpoint’s 32”, ePaper Totem.

Busy corridors and high volume areas throughout the Austin area such as Parmer Station, Rutland Station and Broken Spoke Station is where you’ll also find Connectpoint’s solar-powered 13” Digital Bus Stops. With an average of 2.5 million monthly passengers, Cap Metro riders will have easy-to-read, real-time, bus arrival information to make seamless connections throughout this extensive public transportation system.

“We are elated to provide Capital Metro with environmental, dynamic, transit solutions,” stated Rick Wood, CEO and president of Connectpoint Inc. “With its network redesign and service changes, and now deployments in the digital space, Capital Metro continues to transform the lives of Central Texans by implementing a sustainable passenger information network.”

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