Indoor and outdoor full-color, high-visibility, LCD displays


Connects via 4G and/or your existing WIFi network.

Indoor or Outdoor and Scalable

Start with one, add more later. The fully-scalable platform allows you to expand your network indoors and outdoors as your needs grow.

Vibrant Color

Recognized for superior quality images LCD screens will allow you to display information to its fullest.

Features for a smarter commute

Enable your riders to make more informed decisions.

Real-time information

You can display your real-time data such as GTFS realtime, or any API/feed format. Automatically display real-time departure information or choose to show scheduled times.

Instant Alerts

Notify riders with real-time alerts including service changes, delays or public service announcements.


Generate advertising revenue using your CP-LCD. Allocate screen space and schedule four-color advertising campaigns through CPAM while at the same time delivering real-time service information.

Customize size and shape for any deployment


Our LCD signs are designed for optimal versatility, ease of use and low cost of operation.

Energy Efficient

Low powered and economical. Minimal power usage.


A gauntlet of environmental and quality tests ensure robustness and reliability.


Efficient LCDs optimize power settings to conserve electricity without sacrificing image quality.


Cutting-edge display solution.

Unmatched support

Valuable and efficient service from installation to operation support.

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Get connected

Communicate to your customers easily and efficiently.