DASH, Alexandria, VA

Deployments Increased five-fold based on positive customer feedback.

In 2018, DASH of Alexandria, Virginia, joined WMATA in their effort to improve the customer experience by providing real-time information signage at their tier 1 stops, including rail transfer points and heavy corridors such as Columbia Pike. WMATA, who provides service to/from Alexandria, had already installed 60 Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® displays and was getting excellent feedback from riders.

DASH initially deployed just five Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop® displays, but following positive customer feedback and excellent product performance, quickly increased that number and now has over 40 units deployed, and is steadily increasing their units every month.

DASH is also actively using the Connectpoint® digital asset management system CPAM™ to generate custom messages in real-time. When WMATA closed several rail stations for upgrades for several months, DASH deployed multiple CP-10’s on the rail platforms to direct their riders on the modified service at these stations.

“DASH has worked with Connectpoint since 2018 when we first piloted a DBS-10 sign commented Gabriel Moray, Intelligent Transportation Systems Coordinator, DASH. “We were initially struck with their sign’s dependability—our test unit never failed, freeing us from having to monitor it constantly. No matter how small our orders are, Connectpoint has treated us on par with the largest agencies. They respond to concerns fast, are always available to assist, and work above-and-beyond to make sure that our signs serve our customer’s needs.”

Driving Alexandria Safely Home (DASH) is the public bus system for the city of Alexandria, Virginia, operated by the Alexandria Transit Company. DASH recorded nearly 3.9 million boardings in FY 2018.DASH is a staple of the Alexandria community and has received numerous awards throughout the years including national recognition as one of the Top 10 Transit Systems to work for in the United States!

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