CPAM™ Connectpoint® Asset Management

With instant and accurate real-time content, CPAM™ is guaranteed to boost passenger satisfaction. You can customize everything from messaging to holiday schedules and promotions.

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Powerful and Flexible Content Management System

The only “out-of-the-box” cloud-based content management system that seamlessly integrates with ePaper, LCD, LED, and legacy systems, and is specifically designed for the complexities of public transportation.

Asset management

Manage real-time arrivals, bike-share availability, maps, alerts, and advertising. Push content to multiple displays at once from your desktop or mobile device.


Advanced analytics significantly improve the accuracy of bus arrival predictions. Monitor hardware health. Gain insight into customer interactions with your content. Track advertising posts and special alerts.

Systems integration

Flexible integration with cloud services and legacy systems. Manage all your digital displays, including ePaper, LCD and LED signage through a single interface.

The enhanced shelters and Connectpoint Digital Bus Stops provide our customers with the quality and reliable service they expect from our new FAST routes and the security of waiting at a stop which is well-lit. This system allows us to manage the digital signs remotely providing us with a valuable tool to communicate with our customers and the ability to maintain the shelters for peak performance.

John C. Hertel General Manager - SMART

Manage advertising campaigns through CPAM™

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Systems integration

Manage all your digital displays through our powerful interface.

Boost passenger satisfaction

Instant and accurate real-time content.


Schedule custom messages such as holiday schedules and promotions.

Full control

Manage every display from any device at any time.

Seamless integration

CPAM™ integrates seamlessly with your GTFS RT, GTFS, and other API formats.


Optimize revenues with advertising campaigns.

Powerful and flexible content management

Publish content instantly or schedule for a future time.


Keep an eye on the health of your display network.


Designed specifically for the complexities of public transportation.

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Get connected

Communicate to your customers easily and efficiently.