Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), TX

DART deploys SmartStop® and Digital Bus Stops

Air travelers landing in Dallas now have a new way to plan their ground travel before leaving the airport, thanks to Dallas Area Rapid Transit and the ConnectPoint® SmartStop™.

The first display of its kind put in service by DART, the kiosk provides interactive information for the seven million passengers arriving in Dallas each year to help them transition from airline travel to DART rail and bus services. The interactive kiosks provide route information into wayfinding messages that users can easily read and understand.

DART has also deployed several CP-13 digital bus stops at high visibility and volume stops. These digital bus stops provide real-time departure, real-time alerts and custom messaging to the thousands of riders that use these stops every day.

DART is always looking for ways to better engage riders and potential riders at all points of contact, and this interactive map is a perfect tool to provide information on how to ride and where customers can go as soon as they land at the airport.

Nevin Grinnell
DART Vice President of Marketing and Communications and Chief Marketing Officer

“DART is a recognized leader for customer-focused innovation,” commented Rick Wood, Connectpoint’s President and CEO. “Deploying the ConnectPoint® SmartStop™ at Love Field is a significant step forward in providing airline passengers with the information they need to successfully transition to DART’s outstanding transit services.

The web-enabled ConnectPoint® SmartStop™ integrates with tracking and location systems, scheduling systems and other DART information systems to provide comprehensive information to customers. Touchscreen technology allows for intuitive interaction with the information to explore transit options and to create specific routes, including an overview of entire routes, next departure times as well as detailed local mapping for each stop. The ConnectPoint® SmartStop™ also provides trip-planning tools that include detailed travel directions for public transportation, cars, bicycling and walking. Texting and email options are also included for easy transfer to a mobile device.

The ConnectPoint® SmartStop™ also has the ability to push out route deviations as they happen, generate revenue via location-based advertising and leverages smartphones at the decision-making point (i.e. the stop).

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