Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, CA

SmartStop Ruggedized for Outdoor Use

The ConnectPoint® SmartStop™ is a solar-powered, standalone pylon that provides interactivity to the customer. This smart stop was part of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) innovation program to enhance the transit customer travel experience, by providing real-time arrival, trip planning and other capabilities in an elegant solar-powered tower. Two ConnectPoint® SmartStop™ displays are installed on VTA bus stops serving 6 major routes in East San Jose California.

The ConnectPoint® SmartStop™ provides a host of digital functionality. Featuring two ConnectPoint 13” Digital Bus Stop displays at the top, and a 10-inch ConnectPoint interactive tablet at waist level, the SmartStop provides unprecedented flexibility to transit agencies wishing to provide the most current information to their customers without the need for electrical infrastructure.

The Digital Bus Stops housed within the SmartStop—which feature E Ink technology that provides high contrast, sunlight-readable displays—can be used to display next departure information for rail and bus services, bike share, a local map and feature real-time alerts.

The 10-inch ConnectPoint tablet provides a fully interactive user Interface to provide bus and rail route and stop details; trip planning; and other interactive applications.

The screens can also display any additional information an agency may need, such as Uber and Lyft details; or advertisements with map locations plotted. A solar-powered solution was critical to VTA’s needs providing flexibility to locate the stops where power was not easily obtainable.

“Once again VTA has the vision to install a revolutionary product into the field first,” commented Rick Wood, Connectpoint’s President and CEO. “VTA described what a bus stop of the future would look like for their needs, and following months of development, CHK has created the first solar-powered interactive bus stop pylon in the world.”

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Gary Miskell
Chief Technology Officer at VTA

“The collaboration with CHK America embraces these ideals allowing us to bring something new and exciting to our VTA customers.”

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