Port Authority of Alleghany County, Pittsburgh, PA

Success of Port Authority’s Deployment of Connectpoint® Real-Time Information Generates New Contract

Pittsburgh’s Port Authority of Allegheny has shown an improved rider experience since the initial deployment of Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks and Digital Bus Stop® displays in 2016.

Expanding on the success of its initial implementation of real-time, passenger information displays, Port Authority of Allegheny, the second largest transit agency in Pennsylvania, awarded Connectpoint Inc. an additional contract to continue their partnership in the rail and bus stop improvement program. The newly ordered Connectpoint® E Ink, Digital Bus Stop® displays and Interactive Kiosks will ensure the continued comfort and ease-of-use for Port Authority’s riders.

Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® offers ground-breaking technology via solar-powered, real-time departure and schedule information as well as service alerts. These “smart city” digital signs are equipped with ePaper displays that provide crystal-clear readability any hour of the day or night. Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop® signs are easy to install, can be retrofitted to your existing bus stops or shelters and managed remotely via their content management system, CPAM™.

The smart, connected delivery of Digital Bus Stop® content via CPAM™ (Connectpoint Asset Management), an agnostic, content management system not only broadcasts real-time bus arrival and alerts but in a true Smart City environment the Digital Bus Stop can be converted into an emergency message system when the need arises.

Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks give transit customers control over their trip. They can access real-time arrival information and plan their trip within the transit system while also being able to incorporate first and last mile choices – personal car use, bicycle or walking. In addition, the trip planning module allows the customer to interact with the mapping database so they can search for specific places without having to do a trip plan.

Having real-time transit information available to everyone has been a major priority for us, as it improves the lives of our customers who are now able to spend more time doing what they want to do rather than spend time at a bus stop waiting to get there.

Katharine Kelleman
Port Authority CEO

“Port Authority of Allegheny County has always been a forward-looking agency and was an early adopter of Connectpoint products,” stated Rick Wood, CEO and President of CHK America and Connectpoint®. “This latest procurement significantly increases their investment in sustainable, low-power, real-time, digital signage, and underscores their commitment to excellent customer service.”

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