SMART for the 13 inch bus stops

The ePaper display can last up to 30 days on a single charge due to its incredibly low energy consumption.

Connectpoint® was awarded a three-year contract by SMART, Southeast Michigan’s regional public transportation provider, for the installation and management of hundreds of the Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop® 13-inch displays.  The contract was awarded to Connectpoint following a competitive bidding process.

Connectpoint and SMART will be working together to upgrade hundreds of bus stops along various SMART  bus routes across the region. SMART continues to safely operate essential bus services to ensure reliable transportation for seniors, students, and professionals who use SMART to travel to work, school, doctor’s offices, and shopping centers. With Connectpoint’ s ePaper digital displays, hundreds of bus stops will now provide riders with real-time departure and schedule information, 24/7, as well as service alerts. 

The digital ePaper displays are remotely managed by Connectpoint’s personalized content management system, CPAM®, which allows SMART to control each individual sign through one integrated platform. CPAM was specifically designed for transit use which makes operating the system easy to use on the back end and easy for riders to understand. CPAM can be accessed from any mobile device for on-the-go changes and performance visibility and can be converted into an emergency message system.

Connectpoint will be installing new poles for each display with a solar panel kit attached. The ePaper display can last up to 30 days on a single charge due to its incredibly low energy consumption, making it perfect for all conditions, and contributes to SMART’s eco-friendly mission.

Our riders want more bus stop amenities, and by adding the 13-inch ePaper digital signs to hundreds of stops is one step to improve their experience. Connectpoint has been a great partner on the FAST shelter screens, and we’re excited to use the smaller stop-mounted signs to bring real-time information to many more stops in our system.

Robert Cramer, General Manager, SMART

This is Connectpoint’s second project for SMART.  The company has already deployed 60 of their larger 32-inch displays, installed in enhanced shelters along the agency’s successful , FAST routes, which travels along three of Detroit’s busiest corridors, Gratiot, Woodward, and Michigan, offering limited stops to connect suburbs and downtown quickly and easily.

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