North Central Regional Transit District, New Mexico

Connectpoint 13" Digital Bus Stop installed at RTD shelter

Riders rely on accurate information at bus stops to go about their daily lives, whether that be to jobs, appointments, errands, or see friends!

The North Central Regional Transit District in North Central New Mexico strives to provide their riders with a safe, secure and effective public transportation experience, and to make commuting easier for their riders, the agency has contracted with Connectptoint to install the Connectpoint 13-inch Digital Bus Stop® on some of their busiest routes.

The Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop displays provide riders with accurate and updated arrival and departure times for each bus on that route, as well as real-time alerts. 24/7.

As well as prioritizing the needs of their riders, NCRTD is focused on environmental sustainability  to minimize impact on the environment. Connectpoint’s products contribute to that goal with their low-consumption, solar-powered displays.  Connectpoint’s ePaper displays update every minute, using energy only while refreshing the screen, resulting in minimal energy consumption.

NCRTD has one and soon to be two of Connectpoint’s units at the Taos ski resort that’s located at about 8,000 feet elevation. The solar panel on the unit there now has been covered with a foot of snow and still able to charge!

We want to make passenger information as accessible as possible to our riders and with real-time updates every minute, Connectpoint’s digital displays give us exactly that.

Jim Nagle
Public Information Officer, North Central Regional Transit District


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