King County Metro, Seattle, WA

Eighth-largest public transportation provider in the U.S. adopts Connectpoint® ePaper signage.

In 2020, Connectpoint was awarded a 5-year contract by King County Metro Transit to install hundreds of “smart city” digital signs for the agency’s RapidRide stations and transit centers—including Connectpoint’s latest 42” Digital Bus Stop® in Seattle, WA.  King County Metro is the eighth-largest transit bus agency in the United States, carrying an average of 400,000 daily passengers across approximately 176 routes.

The Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® displays will supplement King County Metro’s current static passenger information across the agency’s 176 bus lines. The 32-inch and 42-inch solar or A/C powered displays will be installed at highly-trafficked bus stops, transit centers and corridors across the city.

As of October, 2021, Connectpoint’s 32-inch ePaper displays have been placed at three new stations that connect with the new Northgate Link light rail extension: Northgate, Roosevelt, and the U District Station. Riders will be able to drastically decrease their commute time and get from Northgate Station to downtown Seattle’s Westlake station in just 14 minutes.

Connectpoint’s ePaper displays provide riders with real-time arrivals, departures, and alerts. The displays refresh every minute with updated information and can be remotely managed 24/7.With perfect visibility day and night, these displays make commuting easy for riders. The synchronized, cloud-based displays can be controlled and managed remotely 24/7 through Connectpoint’s personalized content management system, CPAM®, giving King County Metro messaging flexibility to provide a better customer experience.  Together, the light rail expansion, RapidRide lines, and ePaper signs will make everyday life easier and more efficient for riders throughout Seattle.

All digital signage will include a Push-to-Talk system to enable audible announcements.  Connectpoint’s text-to-speech button features a sleek design in a rugged housing that is easy to deploy.  Audio messaging can be queued for sequential delivery and supplemented with pre-recorded messages and tones.

King County Metro is admired nationwide for innovative transit services, pioneering green practices, and a visionary approach.

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