Connectpoint® Awarded Digital Signage Contract by California’s Thousand Oaks Transit

Santa Barbara, CA – November 8, 2021 – Connectpoint®, the leading provider of ePaper technology-based real-time passenger information to the U.S. transportation industry, has been awarded its first contract with Thousand Oaks Transit (TOT), located in Southern California, following a successful one-year pilot program.

Thousand Oaks Transit will deploy Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® displays–the most advanced solar-powered or A/C wireless ePaper display available today–across their five bus routes and during the summertime, an additional route that goes to the world famous Zuma Beach in Malibu. The routes service major shopping centers, schools, hospitals, parks and public facilities, and TOT’s goal is to provide their riders with accurate and reliable real-time information.  Throughout the 12-month pilot program, the Connectpoint displays, featuring a sleek design and superior functionality, were competing against six other vendors and proved to be the most effective and impressive, requiring zero maintenance.

“We are excited to make up-to-date bus arrival information available to more bus stop locations throughout the City,”commented Mike Houser, Transit Program Manager at City of Thousand Oaks.  “We tested several different vendor’s products and found Connectpoint’s reliability and the ease of programming special messages to be an important factor in our decision.”

“Customers making essential trips want to make them as quickly and efficiently as possible, and with Connectpoint’s technologically advanced solar and battery-powered ePaper digital displays and our proprietary content management system, we can provide real-time passenger information, including departure information, service changes, delays, and public service announcements, delivered seamlessly across all digital signage, maximizing passenger’s experience 24/7” added Rick Wood, CEO, Connectpoint.”   “It’s always a pleasure working with a local transit agency. Our products are deployed across the United States so being able to see our products in action locally is always rewarding.”

Connectpoint’s solar-powered ePaper displays are eco-friendly and complement TOT’S clean burning natural gas buses in their efforts to be environmentally responsible. On a single charge, Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop can last up to 30 days, while refreshing the screen every minute.

System health, power, and content across digital signage is managed remotely by a single cloud-based content management system, Connectpoint’s CPAM (Connectpoint Asset Management), the only content management system designed specifically for the transit industry, which can be accessed from any mobile device for on-the-go changes and performance visibility, and can be converted into an emergency message system.

The new real-time information signage from Connectpoint provides enormous messaging flexibility and will enhance Thousand Oaks Transit overall communications strategy and provide a better customer experience. 

About Connectpoint

Connectpoint’s ePaper digital signage, available in 4 sizes–10”, 13”, 32”, and 42”–is the most deployed ePaper digital signage solution within the U.S. transportation industry. Connectpoint also offers LED and LCD digital signage solutions.

Connectpoint designs, builds, and manages product suites through CPAM™, our device and technology-agnostic content management system. Clients have input and control over all signage from desktop or mobile devices. Our diverse and talented team have specific software expertise to deploy ePaper and other digital signage solutions, and are able to solve even the most complex issues and deliver on-time, challenging projects. In conjunction with our sister company, CHK America, we have helped power over 2 billion trips annually, allowing transit riders to make informed decisions. Connectpoint’s robust client list includes WMATA, Washington D.C.; PAAC, Pittsburgh, PA; King County Metro, Seattle; Tri-Met, Portland; VIA, San Antonio, TX; Orange County Transit, CA; DASH, City of Alexandra, Virginia; GCRTA, Greater Cleveland, OH; SMART, SE Michigan; RTCSN, Las Vegas, NV; DART, Dallas, TX; FWTA, Ft. Worth, TX, ; Sonoma County Transit, CA; SMART Wilsonville, OR.

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