Importance and Benefits of Real-Time Information

Relying on public transportation for daily commutes can often cast doubts for riders when thinking of topics like will their bus be on time or will there be any service disruptions to be aware of. Public transportation is crucial to people’s daily lives and is often used to get to work or appointments, where being late isn’t an option. Luckily, real-time information is becoming more and more common at public transportation platforms like bus stops, rail platforms and transit centers. Real-time information takes the uncertainty out of using public transportation and gives riders confidence they will get to their destination on time.

The benefits of real-time information in public transportation are endless and beginning to revolutionize how people commute. Real-time information can mean many things whether it be the exact minute the bus will be arriving or departing, any service changes to a line, public service announcements, delays, etc. Having this information updated every minute allows riders to plan accordingly and be aware of situational changes which evidently results in them building trust in the information and service they’re receiving.

Real-time information is a great way to reduce confusion while enhancing productivity and saving time. With scheduled arrival and departure times, it can be hard to tell where the bus or train is if there’s a delay the rider is unaware of. Without any updated information riders can be unsure whether they’ve missed it and need to figure out a solution or if it has been delayed and they should wait. In the case that they’ve missed the bus or train, real-time information saves them time by providing accurate information so instead of waiting around for a bus or train that already left, they can choose alternative methods of transportation.

This is a great resource for transit agencies when it comes to relaying urgent and important information. Service is constantly changing which directly effects riders. Transit agencies being able to provide real-time service alerts makes it easy for riders to identify possible disruptions in their original schedule and allow them to plan accordingly. Real-time alerts, in general, are a great resource to utilize, especially in times when riders need to be updated on ever-changing policies. For example, by providing public health rules and regulations to riders before boarding a bus or train, they can properly prepare beforehand.

Overall, the benefits of real-time information ultimately contribute to riders’ experience and enhances their satisfaction. High satisfaction rates are great for public transit not only because it means the agencies are doing a good job, but also because public transit is the most sustainable way to commute. Having reliable and updated information is a very important factor in the transit industry and should be a priority for agencies. This is why Connectpoint created their personalized content management system, CPAM®, to send real-time information to all of their displays whether that be ePaper, LED, or LCD. With the ability to update every minute, riders won’t have to question the information they’re receiving.

People value time and efficiency in everyday life. Real-time information at the bus stop and train platform makes a huge difference to riders and encourages the use of public transportation compared to private cars. It is becoming more common to find digital displays at bus stops, shelters, and transit center that provide this information. Connectpoint already has its products deployed at 26 transit agencies across the nation with many more to come. Connectpoint understands the needs and concerns of riders and by meticulously working with transit agencies, they find the best solution to aide commuting. Rider experience and satisfaction is a main priority at Connectpoint and the best way to achieve that is by getting as many displays deployed as possible with real-time information.

To learn more about these displays or find the right fit for your agency, contact  [email protected].

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