Connectpoint’s Revolutionary Text-to-Speech Device, The Falcon, Boasts Superior Technology

Connectpoint’s latest technological innovation, the Falcon, is the first of its kind when it comes to text-to-speech devices. This stand alone, real-time messaging system is ADA compliant, solar powered, and a cost-effective solution to providing updated passenger information at the bus stop level, 24/7. Unlike other text-to-speech buttons, the Falcon is completely autonomous and pulls real-time information from feeds without needing to be connected to a display. Versatile and sleek, the Falcon is the future of text-to-speech devices.  The Falcon comes with a 5-year guarantee to provide agencies with a stress free, quality assured product.

24/7 Messaging

This ADA compliant device is multilingual and can be programmed with custom messages and announcements. This dynamic messaging system allows passengers to stay updated during their commute on things such as service changes, delays, public service announcements, etc. This is a key feature that sets the Falcon apart from other options. This contemporary feature is due to its CAT-M1 IoT connectivity that allows the button to connect via cellular.

Cost-Effective and Easy to Install

This always-on, easy to install device is a perfect cost-effective solution for all types of bus stops. It can act as a stand-alone unit, or be installed on a pole or shelter alongside a display. The Falcon is significantly cheaper than a digital display, allowing agencies to install these at lower tier stops as an alternative form of real-time information. Deployment is as easy as bolting the integrated locking mount to any bus-stop pole.

Solar-Powered & Eco-Friendly

A prominent feature of the Falcon is the integrated solar film skin, allowing the device to run for weeks on a single charge.  This device requires no electrical infrastructure and can be used in almost any desired location, making it extremely versatile and thus enabling agencies to bring real-time information 24/7 at stops that are more rural or are lower tier.  The Falcon has an IP 66 environmental rating.


Between the Falcon’s sleek design, real-time messaging system, and solar skin, this product is the perfect smart city solution. Not only providing real-time information, but accessibility to all types of riders who need different accommodations. This ADA compliant device is revolutionizing text-to-speech while being able to seamlessly integrate with any other Connectpoint product as well.

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