PACE Installs Connectpoint’s CP-32 ePaper Displays

Pace is one of the largest suburban bus companies in the U.S., with service covering over 3,677 square miles, an area nearly the size of Connecticut and about 15 times larger than the size of the City of Chicago.

Since 2019, Connectpoint has provided CP-32 ePaper displays for new solar-powered Pace shelters. Along with the solar-powered CP-32, Connectpoint provides the Falcon-text-to speech button for the visually impaired. The Falcon button is mounted directly below the CP-32 for easy access.

Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop® is the most advanced solar- or AC-powered ePaper digital display, providing real-time public transportation information for the first time at the bus stop level. Always on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never before have transit agencies been able to deploy digital signage solutions at bus stops without electrical infrastructure. Connectpoint’s solar-powered signage provides mass transit agencies with the perfect “on location” communication tool.

On a budgetary level, by eliminating the need to manually update paper signs, the Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop brings mutual benefits to riders and the agency. Riders have access to real-time information incorporating any delays or closures, meanwhile, agencies have decreased labor costs associated with manual changes of paper signage. Additionally, because Connectpoint’s digital signage does not require electrical infrastructure, immense savings are recognized during deployment.

The Falcon is a solar-powered audio device that can be deployed anywhere within a transit system to provide audio information about the transit service, and custom audio messages. The Falcon fulfills the need of transit agencies to provide the same level of information to the visually impaired as to the non-impaired customer.

Signage is managed by Connectpoint Asset Management, a powerful and flexible content management system that seamlessly integrates with ePaper, LCD, LED, and legacy systems, and is specifically designed for the complexities of public transportation.

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