Sonoma County Transit Invests in Sustainable Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stops

Several Connectpoint Digital Bus Stops have been deployed at the Cotati Depot and other locations.

To improve customer service and streamline transfers Sonoma County Transit (SCT) has invested in Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® displays. Through this partnership SCT has deployed Digital Bus Stops at the Cotati Depot and along Route 26 and Route 52 which travel the length of East Cotati Avenue toward Sonoma State University.

“With our focus on improving customer service, solar-powered Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stops have proven to be reliable and efficient to deploy, especially in rural areas where access to power is limited or too costly,” noted Bryan Albee, Transit Systems Manager, Sonoma County Transit.

A Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® offers ground breaking technology via solar-powered, real-time departure and schedule information as well as service alerts. These “smart city” digital signs are equipped with ePaper displays that provide crystal-clear readability any hour of the day or night. Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop® signs are easy to install, can be retrofitted to your existing bus stops or shelters and managed remotely via their content management system, CPAM.

The smart, connected delivery of Digital Bus Stop® content via CPAM™ (Connectpoint Asset Management), an agnostic, content management system not only broadcasts real-time bus arrival and alerts but in a true Smart City environment, the Digital Bus Stop® can be converted into an emergency message system when the need arises.

“Sustainable, easy-to-read, real-time digital signage is in line with transportation agencies’ Smart Transit initiatives and our product range has been embraced enthusiastically by multiple agencies across the U.S.,” stated Rick Wood, CEO and President of CHK America and Connectpoint®. Real-time information helps today’s transit riders navigate their journeys on a minute-by-minute basis, resulting in a better overall customer experience that increases ridership.”

About Connectpoint®, Inc.

Connectpoint® suite of products offer advanced solar and battery-powered, ePaper, real-time digital signage for “smart transit” and “smart city” applications efficiently accelerating transit needs and enabling a true mobility system. Connectpoint® products do not require electrical infrastructure and addresses the issues of cost efficiency and reliability for real-time departure information. Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop®, SmartStop® and Interactive Kiosk high-resolution imagery broadcasts real-time arrival/departures, service change updates, rider alerts, ad campaigns in addition to interactive trip planning. Weatherized and wireless, Connectpoint® Digital Signage, is easily deployed on existing bus stop poles and bus shelters within 30 minutes. Our content management system CPAM™ (Connectpoint Asset Management) integrates all legacy systems into one content portal. Connectpoint has powered hundreds of transit agencies across 12 states.

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