Connectpoint Expands with New Executive Team

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., September 6, 2023 – Connectpoint®, the leading provider of ePaper technology-based real-time passenger information to the U.S. transportation industry, announced today the appointment of a new executive team. Patton Gregg will serve as General Manager, John O’Conner is the Director of Engineering, and Brian Beynon is Technical Project Manager. The announcements were made today by Rick Wood, CEO, Connectpoint.

The new roles reflect the company’s growth in the North American transportation industry, with ongoing contracts with some of the country’s biggest and well-respected agencies including PRT, Pittsburgh; King County Metro, Seattle; TriMet, Portland; Greater Richmond Transit Company; VIA San Antonio; DASH, City of Alexandra; GCRTA, Greater Cleveland; SMART, SE Michigan; RTCSN, Las Vegas; DART, Dallas; Trinity Metro, Ft. Worth; Seattle Streetcar, and Portland Streetcar.

In the newly created role of General Manager and reporting to Wood, Gregg oversees the overall daily operations of Connectpoint®. He interfaces with internal and external stakeholders to ensure alignment across the organization. With a track record of driving operational excellence, Gregg has successfully optimized complex supply chain systems enhancing efficiency and improving quality. He previously served for over 11 years at Moseley Associates Inc., a designer, and manufacturer of digital transmission systems for diversified telecommunications, radio, and television broadcast industries, rising to the position of General Manager. He concurrently served as the Director of Operations for Moseley’s parent company, Axxcss Wireless Solutions, since 2018. Previously, he was a software engineer and project manager for AKELA, a developer, and manufacturer of advanced radar systems and equipment for defense, law enforcement, and security applications.

“Having held key leadership roles in various industries and with a background in engineering and supply chain management, Patton can bridge the gap between engineering intricacies and business strategies while ensuring successful execution to meet customer needs,” commented Wood.

Reporting to Gregg are two seasoned and well-respected executive team members. John O’Conner joins as Director of Engineering, managing the software development process and its deliverables. John’s responsibilities include feature development, team management, incident resolution, delivery schedules, and infrastructure management. He has over 30 years of experience developing software and leading teams. He has had successful roles at Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, and Intuit.  O’Conner will also work with Chuck Menzel, the company’s previous Chief Technical Officer, who remains on board as a consultant.

And Brian Beynon joins in the newly created role of Technical Product Manager. He is responsible for overseeing all projects for the company, serving as a primary point of contact for customers and internal teams. He interfaces with transit agencies and stakeholders to ensure smooth project structuring, implementation, and completion. He previously served for over 10 years as Director of Operations at Medtastic, an Agriculture Technology company, and earlier in his career founded and operated Black Diamond, a Design and Development Company serving the sporting goods industry.

“Both Brian and John bring broad experience to their roles at Connectpoint,” added Wood. “John has held senior-level roles at some of the world’s most well-known companies including Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, and Inuit; and Brian is a seasoned project manager who can lead complex initiatives and drive successful outcomes for our company.”

Connectpoint drives the digitalization of cities through an integrated system of information about the status of transportation systems. The Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop® is an advanced solar-powered or AC wireless ePaper digital sign that provides real-time public transportation information 24/7 that can be quickly installed on poles, at shelters, or in a stand-alone fabricated pylon. Connectpoint’s products are used at rail stations, transit hubs and bus stops.

Timely and accurate real-time information is delivered seamlessly to passengers across an agency’s digital signage with Connectpoint’s easy-to-use and powerful Connectpoint Asset Management system (CPAM®), designed specifically for the transportation industry. This cloud-based software is intuitive and customizable, allowing agencies to deliver alerts via the agency’s real-time feed, as well as schedule custom messages for their riders. This tool gives agencies the freedom to remotely control as many signs as they please through one integrated backend system.

Connectpoint serves 26 transit agencies in the U.S. and has thousands of displays in the field, giving millions of riders information each year.

About Connectpoint
Connectpoint’s ePaper digital signage, available in 5 sizes—13”, 22”, 28,” 32”, and 42—is the most deployed ePaper digital signage solution within the U.S. transportation industry. Connectpoint also offers LED and LCD digital signage solutions.

Connectpoint designs, builds, and manages all product development, with content delivered and managed by CPAM™, our device and technology-agnostic content management system. Clients have input and control over all signage from desktop or mobile devices. Our diverse and talented team have specific software expertise to deploy ePaper and other digital signage solutions and are able to solve even the most complex issues and deliver on-time, challenging projects. Connectpoint’s robust client list includes PRT, Pittsburgh, PA; King County Metro, Seattle; Tri-Met, Portland; Greater Richmond Transit Company; VIA, San Antonio, TX; DASH, City of Alexandra, Virginia; GCRTA, Greater Cleveland, OH; SMART, SE Michigan; RTCSN, Las Vegas, NV; DART, Dallas, TX; FWTA, Ft. Worth, TX, COTA, Columbus OH, NCRTD, Albuquerque NM and Pace in Chicago.


Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop® Awards
2023 Smart Cities “Smart 50 Awardee” for “Seattle’s King County Metro Improves Passenger Transit Experience with Connectpoint’s Smart City Signage”
2022 IoT Breakthrough Award winner for “Overall Smart City Solution Provider of the Year” (DBS)
2022 Digital Signage Award in the “Sector Specific Response to Covid-19” category (DBS)
2022 Globee Gold Award in the “Information Technology Project or Initiative of the Year” category (DBS, TriMet)
2022 Golden Bridge Gold Globee Award in theInformation Technology Hardware” category (DBS)
2021 Digital Signage Award winner in the Technical Advances and Innovation category  (Display and other Devices) (DBS)

Connectpoint’s Falcon Award
2023 IoT Global Award in the “Smart Cities, Government, and Utilities” category for the Falcon, the first solar-powered and ADA compliant text-to-speech device

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