Thousand Oaks Transit, CA

Thousand Oaks Transit (TOT), located in Southern California, has awarded a contract to Connectpoint to deploy 20 CP-10’s across their five bus routes. TOT had successfully piloted two 10-inch Digital Bus Stops® over the span of a year. Over that time, Connectpoint’s displays were competing against six other vendors and proved to be the most effective and impressive.

TOT operates five local bus routes and during the summertime, including a route that goes to Zuma Beach in Malibu. Since these routes service major shopping centers, schools, hospitals, parks and public facilities, TOT knew how important it was that they provide their riders with accurate and reliable real-time information.  Throughout the 12-month pilot, the Connectpoint display required zero maintenance.

Connectpoint’s solar-powered ePaper displays are eco-friendly and complement Thousand Oaks Transit’s clean burning natural gas buses in their efforts to be environmentally responsible. On a single charge, Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop can last up to 30 days, while refreshing the screen every minute.

Through Connectpoint’s content management system, CPAM®, real-time service alerts are automatically posted to the displays while agencies also have the ability to post custom alerts such as health and safety messages 24/7. This advanced technology is what gives riders the confidence to rely on their transit agencies to receive dependable and accurate information at the bus stop level.

We are excited to make up-to-date bus arrival information available to more bus stop locations throughout the City. We tested several different vendor’s products and found Connectpoint’s reliability and the ease of programming special messages to be an important factor in our decision.

Mike Houser
Transit Program Manager at City of Thousand Oaks


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