Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), CA

Fifth-largest public transportation provider in CA adopts Connectpoint digital® e-paper signage.

Public transportation requires a variety of digital signage options and the most recent significant advancement comes in the form of ePaper displays–aka, the Digital Bus Stop®—providing numerous benefits to transit agencies looking for an alternative to LED and LCD signs.

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) in California—that carries over 50 million passengers a year and is the fifth-largest public transportation provider in the state—is a recent adopter of the Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop®, with displays now been deployed at numerous tier-one bus stops and transit hubs including a location right in front of the OCTA headquarters.

As the majority of bus stops in the US (and worldwide) have no electrical infrastructure to power digital signage, the Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop removes this barrier so that OCTA can communicate—for the first time—directly with customers at the bus stop level.

The solar-powered displays connect wirelessly via 4G networks and require low energy, a key factor for the agency. Plus, a built-in battery serves as a backup power source during the night and on cloudy days.

The Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stops provides Orange County passengers with easy to read and digestible information. They are the most easily readable signs in sunlight and are softer on the eyes than LED or LCD, yet crisp and clear.

And Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stops are easy to install and require little effort to set up – they can be deployed at existing bus stop poles and shelters within 30 minutes – an easy solution for a busy agency such as OCTA.

Real-time information keeps passengers completely updated, enabling them to make informed decisions. Happy riders are repeat riders!

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