Connectpoint® Awarded Five-Year Digital Signage Contract by Portland’s TriMet

TriMet Adopts Connectpoint’s Unique Device Agnostic Cloud-Based Asset Management System CPAM™ to Manage New Signage

Connectpoint DBS13 in TriMet bus shelter

Connectpoint®, the leading provider of E Ink technology-based real-time passenger information to the U.S. transportation industry, has been awarded a five-year contract by Portland’s TriMet to provide hundreds of “smart city” digital signs for the agency’s fixed-route bus and light rail transit services.  Connectpoint’s cloud-based management system, CPAM™, the industry’s only device agnostic, content management system, will be implemented across all new digital arrival information displays. TriMet serves over 1.5 million people, with nearly 97 million boardings in 2018.

Connectpoint’s solar-powered Digital Bus Stop® will enhance TriMet’s current static passenger information across the agency’s 85 bus lines, installed at highly-trafficked bus stops, transit centers and corridors across the city.  Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stopsfeature high-resolution E Ink based screens, and offer real-time departure and schedule information, as well as service alerts delivered using battery power and solar power. The viewing angle provides perfect clarity from any angle, with edge lighting for crystal clear readability, any hour of the day or night. 

Connectpoint’s LED signage will be installed as part of TriMet’s Division Transit Project, an enhanced 15-mile high-capacity bus-system that will provide an improved connection between downtown Portland and the City of Gresham via Division Street with faster and more reliable service; and Connectpoint’s LCD digital signage will be installed along TriMet’s MAX Light Rail network that extends across 60 miles, and is  the fourth-busiest light rail system in the U.S. by annual ridership, providing almost 39 million trips in 2018, according to a transit ridership report from the American Public Transportation Association. Connectpoint’s LED and LCD signage offer full-color solutions, high brightness, daylight readability as well as high image-quality resolution.

System health, power, and content across digital signage is managed by a single cloud-based content management system, Connectpoint’s CPAM (Connectpoint Asset Management), the industry’s only device agnostic, content management system, which can be accessed from any mobile device for on-the-go changes and performance visibility, and can be converted into an emergency message system.

“TriMet is recognized industry-wide for its leadership in promoting broad usage of public transit – interestingly, 82 percent of their riders have cars but instead choose TriMet to get to work, school, medical appointments, shopping, going to special events or the airport, visiting friends, etc.” commented Rick Wood, CEO, Connectpoint.  “We are delighted to have been selected in a competitive bid process to contribute to TriMet’s ongoing mission to improve the experience for its customers.”

About Connectpoint

Connectpoint’s ePaper digital signage, available in 3 sizes–10”, 13” and 32”–is the most deployed E Ink technology digital signage solution within the U.S. transportation industry. Connectpoint also offers LED and LCD digital signage solutions.  Connectpoint designs, builds, and manages product suites through CPAM™, our device and technology-agnostic content management system. Clients have input and control over all signage from desktop or mobile devices. Our diverse and talented team have specific software expertise to deploy ePaper and other digital signage solutions, and are able to solve even the most complex issues and deliver on-time, challenging projects. In conjunction with our sister company, CHK America, we have helped power over 2 billion trips annually, allowing transit riders to make informed decisions. Connectpoint’s robust client list includes WMATA, Washington D.C.; PAAC, Pittsburgh, PA; VIA, San Antonio, TX; Long Beach Transit, CA; DASH, City of Alexandra, Virginia; GCRTA, Greater Cleveland, OH; SMART, SE Michigan; Capital Metro, Austin, TX; SNRTC, Las Vegas, NV; DART, Dallas, TX; FWTA, Ft. Worth, TX; MBTA, Boston, MA; Sonoma County Transit, CA; SMART Wilsonville, OR.

About the Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop®

The solar-powered Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® offers ground-breaking technology to public transportation agencies. These “smart city” digital signs feature a high resolution E Ink based screen that provides enormous messaging flexibility.  The digital signs offer real-time departure and schedule information as well as service alerts delivered using battery power or solar power. The viewing angle provides perfect clarity from any angle, with edge lighting for crystal clear readability, any hour of the day or night.  The Digital Bus Stop is available in 4 sizes: 10”, 13”, 32” and 42”. They are easy to install, can be retrofitted to your existing bus stops or shelters and are solar or battery powered. They are managed remotely via our web based backend. The devices are equipped with WiFi or Cellular for connectivity.

About the Connectpoint® SmartStop®

The web-enabled Connectpoint® SmartStop® integrates with tracking and location systems, scheduling systems and other agency information systems allowing agencies to provide comprehensive information to their customers.  Touchscreen technology in this interactive touchscreen kiosk allows for intuitive interaction with the information to explore transit options and to create specific routes, including an overview of the entire route, next departure times for every stop in the system as well as detailed local mapping for each stop. The Connectpoint® SmartStop® also provides trip-planning tools that include detailed travel directions for public transportation, cars, bicycling and walking. Texting and email options for route planning are also included for easy transfer to a mobile device.  The kiosk also has the ability to push out route deviations as they happen, generate revenue via location-based advertising and leverages smart phones at the decision-making point (i.e. the stop). 

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