Smart Cities “Smart 50” 2023 Awardee with King County Metro

Public transportation is a fundamental and integral part of any smart city architecture – which is the mission of Seattle’s King County Metro. Public transportation provides the core attributes that Smart cities require for achieving reduced traffic, lower emissions, ease of movement, etc. While there are many components to providing a robust mass transit system, providing real- time travel information, 24/7, is a necessary component.

There are a variety of methods of delivering real-time information and one of the most important places to do that is at street level where people board the trains and buses; this is what Connectpoint’s digital ePaper signs are used for.

In 2020, Connectpoint® was awarded a 5-year contract from King County Metro Transit, the eighth largest transit agency in the U.S., to provide them with hundreds of AC and solar-powered ePaper displays for the agency’s RapidRide stations, transit centers and bus stops.

KCM first deployed the new 32” ePaper RTIS at joint Sound Transit/KCM stations serving Northgate Link Stations and Northgate Transit Center starting in October 2021.

And earlier this year, in 2023, the agency deployed over 100 32” and 42” RTIS signs at the new Rapid Ride H Line serving downtown Seattle through West Seattle and into Burien. KCM is currently working on upgrading all Rapid Ride Stations, A-F Lines, with over 350 new 32” ePaper displays. Additionally, KCM is planning to implement an additional 450 32” displays on the new Rapid Ride I, J, K, and R lines over the next six years.

Connectpoint’s technologically advanced ePaper digital displays provide enormous messaging flexibility and will enhance King County Metro’s overall communications strategy and provide a better customer experience. Real-time information includes: departures, service changes, delays, and public service announcements.

By every measure, Seattle’s King County Metro is one of the largest, most well used mass transit systems in the world. King County Metro has a long history of leadership and innovation, particularly in the Smart City category. They strive to lead the industry in service, connectivity and customer satisfaction. That is why when they were looking for new Real Time Information Signs, they selected Connectpoint’s suite of e-Paper signage products. The Connectpoint signs are durable, eco-friendly, optionally solar powered and visually crystal clear. All the attributes needed for long term smart city development. As we all know, mass transportation is one of the fundamental backbones of every Smart City, King County Metro is leading by example in this area.

The benefits of real-time information in public transportation are endless and beginning to revolutionize how people commute. Real-time information can mean many things, whether it be the exact minute the bus will be arriving or departing, any service changes to a line, public service announcements, delays, etc. Having this information updated every minute allows riders to plan accordingly and be aware of situational changes which results in them building trust in the information and service they’re receiving. The direct result of that trust is increased ridership.

Implementing smart city products in public transportation infrastructure is the innovative leadership that is needed to move the industry forward technologically and environmentally. King County Metro has adopted smart city architecture because they understand public transportation is the fundamental backbone of a city. Delivering accurate real-time information at the street level is integral to any successful transit system. Along with maximizing passengers’ trust in their transit system, the digital displays are also an environmentally friendly way of providing information. ePaper displays are incredibly energy efficient whether they are solar or AC powered, have exceptional longevity, and fight light pollution in big cities.

King County Metro’s project can show other transit agencies that a new standard for passenger information and experience has been created.

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